Laboratory for Geomagnetism and Aeronomy


The mission of the Laboratory for Geomagnetism and Aeronomy is especially to observe and track changes in the geomagnetic field and to perform research into the field of geomagnetism and aeronomy. The short-term goal of the Laboratory is to become a member of INTERMAGNET, the world system of geomagnetic observatories. The mid-term objectives are especially to increase the knowledge in RS about geomagnetism and aeronomy, as well as to participate in the international projects in this field.

The wish remains to exchange and supplement knowledge in this field in cooperation with similar institutions across the world. The LGA’s long-term goal is to establish links between solar astronomy on the one hand and the sciences relating to the ionosphere and the Earths’ magnetosphere and other applicable knowledge in the fields of navigation, geology with mining, geotechnical science, archaeology, telecommunications, energy, seismology and meteorology, climatology and ecology, traffic, medicine and magnetobiology with biomagnetism on the other hand.