The three stone elements in 28th August Square in Sežana were made by Špela Šedivy and Matej Župec, graduates of the Sežana Higher Vocational College, whose idea won in the competition for their design and production.

The elements vary in their carvings, which represent different stages of the human usage of stone. Namely, the sculptures depict a deposit of natural stone, quarries as the means of extraction and human expression through stone.

As the first motif, layers of natural stone represent the natural wealth of the Karst; natural stone, its layers and the layering of time.

The motif on the second element represents quarries as the first stage of the human usage of stone. The bas-relief on a deeper section of the stone element depicts the large scope and depth of a quarry and emphasizes its magnificence.

The letters and words on the third element represent human creation and the usage of stone, since humans are the only beings that communicate with letters. The carved words STONE, KARST, TIME, LAYERS and HUMAN round off the set and link the elements to the market.